Explore With Us

We’re the Rainbow Special Interest Group of Mensa, commonly known as the Rainbow SIG.

Focusing on contemporary LGBTQ+ issues and interests, we offer in-person interaction with your intellectual peers in a friendly, encouraging environment.

Our activities are plentiful and diverse. With an energetic curiosity, Rainbow SIG members explore multiple interests in our organization, including:

  • Leisure, travel and gaming
  • Culture and the arts
  • Science and technology
  • Money and finance
  • Religion and worldview
  • Government and politics
  • Sports and athletics

Science has shown that becoming a member of a group raises your self-esteem more than just having many friends. Additionally, studies indicate that healthy relationships in social groups increase your overall happiness in life.

We invite you to join and experience our vibrant, exciting group—Rainbow SIG.


“I joined Mensa and the Rainbow SIG in 1982.  I’m active to this day because I’ve never found a group where we can discuss travel to foreign countries, real estate investing, music, theater, wine & food, and certainly every aspect of living as an LGBTQ in Chicago in 2019 with such an intelligent, informed and amusing membership.”

“I’ve literally never had a more welcoming and supportive introductory experience to a group than my first Pride Parade through this organization.  And this I say as a straight, cis, white, privileged weirdo; if anyone should be suspect in this group, it’s me. You guys rock!”

“What started out as a visit to Chicago and a stimulating cultural exchange comparing and contrasting our countries has turned into an enduring friendship between my partner Anna and me and members from the Rainbow SIG.  I highly recommend Mensa and the S.I.G.H.T. program. [Mensa’s international and domestic travelers program].

“Through Rainbow SIG’s national connections, I am friends with another Mensan from Providence, Rhode Island, and together we competed in the Marathon in the 2019 Gay Games in Paris, France.  It was exhilarating participating with 10,000 other LGBTQ athletes from around the world.”

“The stock market and real estate investors in the Rainbow SIG frequently exchange ideas.  One member shared an idea which I implemented in an apartment building my spouse and I own.  It increased our cash flow by 20% for a capital improvement with a nominal cost.  Strategizing is a hallmark of our discussions and it often has direct consequences.”

“I just finished a weekend Mensa retreat devoted exclusively to gaming [called AGOG—A Gathering of Gamers].  Gaming is one of my special interests.  When I joined the Rainbow SIG, I did not know that I would be able to play games at weekend retreats, monthly gatherings, SIG meetings, regional gatherings and annual (national) gatherings to name a few—but there you have it.  If you like challenging games and competitors, this is the group for you.”