How To Join Mensa

Take a Test

Chicago Area Mensa regularly offers proctored exams at our monthly gatherings or by appointment.

  • The cost to test is $60; there are occasionally “sales” or $10 off coupons as well.
  • If you are concerned about taking a test (and frankly, who isn’t?) see how you might do in advance! Just go to Click on “JOIN” and then click on “Take the Mensa Practice Test” to take a 30-minute test in the privacy of your own home. The test results will give you a good indication of your ability to pass an actual admissions test.
  • You can also order a hard-copy practice test online for $18 (or sometimes less!) Go to Click on “Become a Member” and follow the prompts.
  • is also where to learn about the next proctored exam in the Chicago area.
  • The proctored test is available for the vision-impaired and in different languages, and results are scored with age factored in, to give everyone the best possible opportunity for success.

Submit Prior Test Results

A myriad of prior standardized intelligence tests may qualify you for Mensa! Many people do not realize that results of tests they took in grade school or high school are available even long after graduating.

  • Applicants can contact their former schools or testing bodies and arrange to have qualifying test scores sent directly to American Mensa. (A nominal fee may apply.)
  • The cost to have a test score evaluated is $60; there are occasionally “sales” as well.
  • For qualifying scores and more information, go to or go to, click on “Become a Member” and follow the prompts.

A small sample of qualifying tests and passing test scores:

Stanford BinetIQ 132
ACTPrior to 9/198929
GMATTotal Percentile95% or above
GREPrior to 5/1994 (q&v)1250
From 5/1994 to 9/30/20011875
After 9/30/2001N/A
LSATPrior to 1982662
Effective 198295
(Total Percentile Rank)
PSAT (Taken Junior Year)Prior to 5/1993180
Effective 5/1993N/A
PSAT (Taken Senior Year)Prior to 5/1993195
Effective 5/1993N/A
SATPrior to 9/30/19741300
From 9/30/1974 to 1/31/19941250
From 9/30/1974 to 1/31/1994N/A

Join us! You’ll be happy you did.